The Top Ten Ways That Live Chat Can Increase Sales

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Chapter 3

Improve Your Lead Generation Cycle

At the end of the day, nothing will impact your ability to maximize revenue more than your capacity to upgrade your lead generation cycle. A good lead generation program includes multiple avenues for gathering leads, and live chat is a prime candidate. Not only are leads captured in the live chat process a valuable addition to your database, but they also often provide more valuable data for follow-up than leads captured from other sources.

Unlike other lead generation methods, live chat can generate leads throughout the customer journey. A study by the Aberdeen Group reveals how live chat improves lead generation at various stages in the customer cycle:

  • Marketing: Awareness–29%
  • Marketing: Conversion to create sales suspects–39%
  • Sales: Early-stage direct engagement–32%
  • Sales: Mid-Stage Direct Engagement–24%
  • Sales: Closing the deal–18%
  • Post-sales customer support, education, engagement–39%

How can you make this happen?

Enterprise-level live chat software allows you to get more data on the lifecycle of leads who have participated in live chat sessions. Using live chat analytics tools, you can see each lead’s entrance information, time on site, and more, which will help you narrow down the followup category of your lead.

With information captured through the pre-chat survey, you can categorize leads by prospect type and even gather and save personal information such as the lead’s name, user name, email address, and more.

At the end of a live chat session, agents can use the wrap-up feature to tag hot leads for follow up. With this information, you will be able to concentrate your marketing efforts, and provide personalized follow-up.

Let’s use a case study to show you how you can do this effectively. Imagine that you have a website that sells vinyl music albums. When a user enters your website, you can see from your live chat monitor that he or she found your website by searching for the keyword “jazz music 2018”. The user then travels to a page that lists current jazz best sellers. The user spends 30 seconds on this webpage, triggering an auto chat invitation asking if the user has any questions about available jazz albums or other genres. When the user initiates a chat session to inquire about a particular album, he or she is prompted to enter a first name and email address. Now, you have a complete history of what brought the user to your site, the user’s taste in music, and the user’s contact information. Even if the user doesn’t make a purchase that same day, you now have all of the information you need to convert this lead into a paying customer.

A week later, you send the user an email that greets the user by his or her first name. The email includes all of the new jazz releases for the week. Thanks to the information that you captured through live chat, your follow-up communication will be targeted, personalized, and likely to motivate a purchase.

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