The Top Ten Ways That Live Chat Can Increase Sales

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Chapter 2

Turn a Generic Web Experience into a Customized One

Despite the recent trends towards personalization, the web is still a mostly generic, mass experience. This is at odds with the fact that sales are most effective when they are personalized. Fortunately, with robust live chat software, you can turn a generic user experience into a highly personalized one.

Ten Ways to Increase Sales

Agent view of the visitor’s profile, browsing history, and chat transcript

How can you make this happen?

We already covered how proactive chat helps you start contextually relevant conversations on your site. You can use the same data to get personal whenever a visitor initiates the chat. By gathering user information before the start of a chat session, you can ensure that when your sales or customer service team begins chatting with the customer, the conversation is already tailored to the user’s particular experience and history.

The easiest way to create a customized chat experience is to capture key information in a pre-chat survey that appears in the chat window before a visitor is assigned to a chat agent. This information may include the visitor’s name, a summary of the issue that they are hoping to chat about, and the department they wish to reach. (Additional information such as the user’s email address and how the user found your site can be used to help you reach out to the user post-chat, and also to help you improve your brand’s marketing strategy.)

In addition to the pre-chat information, your live chat’s visitor monitoring functionality can give you real-time insights into which pages visitors are looking at, how they reached your website, where they are located, how many times they have visited your site, their chat history, and more. Live chat agents can use this information to create personalized greetings and memorable interactions with visitors.

For example, let’s say that a visitor initiates a chat session on your website. In the pre-chat form, your visitor lets you know her name is Julie, and that she has a question about shipping. Aside from the information that the visitor has told you, your live chat’s visitor monitor also lets you know Julie’s location (Chicago), that she has been on the checkout page for 5 minutes, that she has visited your website twice before, and that she has engaged in one previous live chat session. Based on this information, you might send her the following greeting: “Hello, Julie, and welcome back! I see that you have a question about shipping – I’m looking forward to helping you take care of any questions you might have.”

A personalized greeting like this one immediately puts customers at ease by letting them know that you understand the nature of their issue and that you are ready to help. Customers who have a previous history of purchases or interactions with your company will appreciate your agent’s awareness of that history. In fact, customers know that you’re tracking reams of data about them, and they fully expect you to use it appropriately. Personalized live chat messages make visitors feel a connection with your company or brand, and can even improve customer satisfaction levels. A few simple pieces of information can transform a generic interaction into a personalized conversation that will turn queries into sales.

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