The Top Ten Ways That Live Chat Can Increase Sales

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Let’s go back and imagine that you are once again in a retail store. In most cases, the first thing that would happen is a sales person approaches you offering assistance. You would then choose to browse on your own or interact with the sales person.

But what if instead of approaching you as you entered the store, the sales person appeared at just the right moment when you needed them? What if they were able to predict your needs and knew you were browsing for shoes that matched the skirt in your cart, providing detailed personalized suggestions based on your preferences for colour, style, and even size?

Live chat can make it happen. These 10 ways demonstrate how live chat can give you powerful insights about your customers in order to increase sales. You can deliver personalized interactions at key stages of the customer journey – so you can be there at just the right time and place. This one-to-one contact builds a personal relationship between you and the customer that builds brand loyalty and strengthens customer retention. By identifying your returning customers, or “regulars”, your agents will provide a higher standard of service while also delivering more targeted followups and cross sells or upsells.

Providing customers with a channel that gives them instantaneous, expert answers will give you an edge over the competition. As the sales person, you can make yourself available by proactively inviting them to chat – without disrupting their sales or customer service experience – without compromising their freedom of choice.

However, unlike a traditional brick and mortar retail store, live chat allows one agent to service multiple customers at once while also being able to easily access insights about each individual. This helps agents personalize each conversation and provide quality customer care – increasing sales while decreasing customer care costs. Live chat’s simple implementation means increased top line, decreased upfront costs and improved customer satisfaction, resulting in huge ROI for your company.

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