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Chapter 6

Customer Experience Map Template

This template is designed to tie in with the chapter “Customer Experience Mapping: How to Create Smoother, More Effortless Journeys”. It follows the customer experience mapping steps laid out in this chapter (Connection > Exposure > Experience > Mastery & Activation.)

For each touchpoint, map it and be sure to include the channel. For example, “Customer receives a leaflet in the post advertising a special offer.”

Then map your customer’s actions. For example, “Customer decides to call to inquire about the offer and ask if they can access it. They’re not totally sure whether they are entitled and feel they need to double-check before taking the offer up.”

Needs and expectations should cover, in detail, what your customer expects or needs at each touchpoint. For example, “Customer expects they should be able to access this offer, as they received it in the post addressed to them. They need to know what they’re entitled to as a customer.”

Thoughts and feelings covers the emotional state of your customer. Think about whether the effect of all of the above leads to a positive, neutral or negative experience across the touchpoint. For example, “Customer feels excited they can access a special offer and save some money. They feel positive after having received this communication.”

Opportunities for improvement covers the actions you can take from reviewing the above, especially in the case where an experience has been perceived neutrally or negatively. For example, “Make wording in postal communications clearer regarding eligibility of the offer.”

Metrics to track helps you gauge what you can do to track this proposed improvement. For example, “Track customer complaints relating to eligibility using wrap statistics compiled from live agents.”

We hope this template helps you map and create an even better customer experience for your business!


Customer Experience Mapping Template

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