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Relieve Phone Queues with Live Chat


How to Relieve your Phone Queues with Live Chat

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Chapter 3


People don’t start chats just for the sake of chatting (well, maybe some do these days). They reach out because they want to solve a problem. To increase chat volume, you’ve got to make chatting worth your customers’ while. Establish your chat window as the go-to place for answers using Comm100’s diverse capability set.

Knowledge base integration

Increase the usefulness of live chat by allowing your visitors to access your knowledge base from inside the chat window. This gives your customers a quick and easy way to find answers to their questions on their own and bolsters your chat window’s problem-solving credibility. It also helps reduce queue length and wait time if people can find what they’re looking for and close their chat request.

System integrations

With Comm100’s diverse integrations you can use live chat to do even more for your customers. Comm100 Live Chat offers a wide range of off-the-shelf integrations with key systems including CRM and shopping cart platforms. Comm100’s Zapier integration also lets you connect with hundreds of business apps, from Microsoft Dynamics to Marketo to Trello, allowing you to make better use of your customer data. And with a highly flexible API, you can easily transfer data to and from the other relevant platforms in your ecosystem.

For example, Comm100 can use visitor data collected from various channels (pre-chat survey, website, log in systems etc.) to identify existing contacts or leads within Salesforce. If a visitor is found, a Salesforce icon will show by the visitor’s name and by clicking the icon, your agent is directly taken to the details page of that individual in Salesforce. You can also choose what contact information from Salesforce to display within the live chat console, and even update this information from here. Find out more about Comm100 Salesforce integration here.

Another useful integration is to link your shopping cart and credit card processing solutions with your chat window to allow for quick checkout.


With a chatbot, you will never miss a chat. They are always ready to talk, 24/7, 7 days a week.

And unlike a human, they can handle an infinite number of chats simultaneously, helping to automate a substantial portion of your front-line customer care and leave your agents to handle more complicated cases.

But a chatbot needs to do more than just ‘be available’. It needs to solve your visitors’ issues. Comm100’s AI Chatbot uses advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand conversational dialogue (even spelling or grammar mistakes) and quickly identify intent. This allows it to provide comprehensive answers to the most complex visitor inquiries.

Tangerine, an Australian telecommunications company, set up Comm100’s chatbot to manage a surge in customer communications, without having to hire more agents. Their chatbot now resolves 91% of assigned live chats. Find out more below.

If a chatbot is to go beyond merely serving as an interactive FAQ, it must also be able to do more than deliver answers – it must act. Comm100’s chatbot allows users to perform actions like resetting their password, booking tickets, paying invoices – all from inside the chat window. You can also set it up to let your visitors book appointments by integrating your meeting solution software within the chat window.

Everyone knows that not all conversations are meant for bots. When your visitors have especially complex needs, or a VIP logs on, you want to be able to take the reins of a chat or at least monitor the conversation. Comm100’s AI chatbot offers complete control over which conversations it handles, and when it hands a conversation over to its human counterpart.

The increase in our customer base was causing such a huge uplift in chat volume, we knew that we had to install a chatbot. The number of chat requests was simply too high for the number of agents we had, and expanding the team was too costly an option. If it had been left as it was, acceptance rates and wait times would have been seriously damaged, and complaints rife. And ultimately, we would have risked losing customers to competitors.

Richard Branson
COO, Tangerine

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