Relieve Phone Queues with Live Chat


How to Relieve your Phone Queues with Live Chat

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Chapter 4

Promoting Adoption

Like any new service offering, getting the word out about it can be as important to success as the offering itself. If the key to increasing chat volume is getting visitors to have that first chat, then make sure you are letting them know it’s on offer. Here are a couple ideas that will help drive your customers to use live chat:

Talk about live chat in other support channels

Users of other channels are already reaching out for help and may prefer the expediency and ease of use of live chat instead, so make sure you offer this option to them. For example, you could inform customers waiting on hold or navigating your IVR that they can avoid the wait by using live chat instead. You also could have your support agents include a link in their email signature that directs recipients to chat – and to even chat with that specific agent. More simply, you could send out an email announcement to inform your customers.

Run an awareness campaign

Deliver the compelling message that live chat is faster than phone, more efficient than email, and easier than both. You could mention live chat on your invoices, packaging, marketing collateral, promote it on social media campaign, or write a blog post that highlights the capabilities of your live chat system. On your ‘Contact Us’ page, make sure it’s listed as the first option for customer contact. And see above for how to use proactive chat invitations!

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