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Relieve Phone Queues with Live Chat


How to Relieve your Phone Queues with Live Chat

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Chapter 1


If your visitors aren’t starting chats with you, then why not have your agents start chats with them? ? If you’re offering live chat for the first time, it could be that your customers are just accustomed to using phone or email as their primary touchpoint with your business. A visitor may not consider chatting unless they are invited to. Use Comm100’s proactive chat tools to break the digital ice.

Manual invitations

Invite users to chat with you from inside the agent console. Before requesting to chat with a visitor, you can refer to their identity info and browsing history to create a personalized invitation message. For example, if you notice that a visitor is stuck on the checkout page, send them a message asking if they need help.

Manual invitations

Auto Invitations

You can also automatically invite visitors to chat with you based on pre-defined rules. Use criteria like ‘time spent on a specific page’ or ‘number of visits to your site’ to trigger your chat window to appear with a custom invitation message. Experiment with different parameters to find when your visitors are most receptive to chatting.


Many support teams use pre-chat surveys to gather data about the visitor and route them to the most suitable agent. You can try removing this survey to see if it will help encourage more visitors to start a chat with you.

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