Relieve Phone Queues with Live Chat


How to Relieve your Phone Queues with Live Chat

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Whether we like it or not, looks matter. A bland or poorly designed live chat experience could discourage visitors from chatting, or they may miss it entirely if it doesn’t stand out. Fortunately, with Comm100 you can fully customize your chat button and interface to attract and encourage your visitors to start chatting with you.

Chat Button Design

Your chat button needs to stand out if it’s going to be an effective conversation starter. Create a button that is both attractive and on-brand by customizing its color, size and placement on your webpage. Consider using an adaptive button which uses interactive animations to draw the visitor’s eye. For a deep-dive on chat button design, check out this blog post.

Agent Information and Avatars

Having your agents’ names, titles, and avatars displayed at the top of the chat window adds an extra layer of intimacy to the live chat experience. The most effective live chat is personal and emphasizes that there is a real person on the other end of the conversation. This increases the likelihood of engagement, and typically improves the overall customer experience. For returning visitors, seeing a familiar face in the chat window creates even more comfort and loyalty.

live chat agent avatar

Mobile optimization

On average, 74.5% of live chats are sent from a mobile browser or app, according to our 2020 Live Chat Benchmark Report. Comm100 Live Chat windows adjust automatically in size and layout to fit mobile screens, ensuring your visitors can easily chat with you on whatever device they are using. The text button and image can also be customized for mobile.

live chat mobile optimization

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