Healthcare Service Provider’s Guide to Live Chat and AI Chatbots


The Healthcare Service Provider’s Guide to Live Chat and AI Chatbots

The Healthcare Service Provider’s Guide to Live Chat and AI Chatbots

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Providing the best possible care is the ultimate goal of any healthcare provider. For services this personal and intimate, the overall ‘customer experience’ is more delicate – and perhaps more important – than in other, more commercial scenarios. So it’s not surprising that 92% of healthcare consumers said improving patient experience should be a top strategic priority for medical providers over the next year.

In today’s decidedly digital era, healthcare organizations have generally been slower to adapt to changing consumer preferences than other industries. But that is shifting as more and more service providers recognize that digital transformation is the answer to improving consumer engagement – in terms of reach, personalization, and cost effectiveness.

The research in this report shows how technology like live chat and AI chatbots – tools that directly impact the healthcare consumer experience – play a crucial role in delivering better service and earning greater loyalty.

For instance, live chat’s unique and HIPAA-compliant telemedicine capabilities help healthcare providers scale high- quality, personalized care regardless of time or geography*.

This is a life-changing benefit for those who prefer or need to receive care in the comfort of their own home compared to travelling to a clinic, especially for the elderly, chronically ill, or those living in rural areas. It also benefits those who simply have work, children, or other reasons that make it difficult or impossible to come onsite. Fully scalable for healthcare providers of any size, real-time chat can be the most direct link between a provider and a patient.

On the provider side, AI chatbots are an essential tool for lightening the workload of healthcare workers who always have something more complex to tend to than qualifying online visitors or answering simple or frequently asked questions. With chatbots easily covering these types of queries, your staff can spend more time providing quality care to those in urgent need.

Not sure where or how to get started? This e-book will explore the current state of consumer engagement technology in the healthcare industry, including live chat benchmarks and real use cases of how and when to use a chatbot. It will then cover how to get started and weave live chat and AI into your broader consumer engagement strategy.

* Not every live chat provider is HIPAA compliant. Be sure to ask for full details in order to protect your customers’ electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI).


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