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It can be hard to choose a piece of customer engagement software. But with a little bit of patience and research, we know you will find the best engagement solution for your business. If you still feel like you need help deciding on the software for you, here are some additional tips:

Write down your primary goals for the customer engagement software.

Writing your goals at the start of your search helps you keep them at top of mind even as you’re learning about other goals that can be achieved with a piece of software. This helps you ensure that you’re not won over by secondary goals, and that the piece of software you choose meets all of your core requirements.

Rank and prioritize features and functionality.

We often find ourselves drawn to different parts of different solutions. While you can’t Frankenstein together the software of your dreams, you can rank your favorite features to help you decide what’s most important. Putting features into a ‘must-have’ versus ‘nice-to-have’ categorization can also be useful.

Get stakeholder collaboration.

Get your stakeholders to collaborate with you when deciding which features, functionality, and products seem most promising. Remember that your software needs to meet the needs of all stakeholders — implementing a piece of software that fails to deliver on someone else’s key criteria can be disastrous.

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