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How to Create Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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Chapter 3

CSAT Survey Sample Question Template

This template is designed to allow you to collect several different types of data from your customer base. The quantitative questions cover customer feedback on quality of service, knowledge and processes. There’s questions to allow you to gauge the quality of your service in comparison to competitors, as well as a general satisfaction rating you can use to benchmark your service overall. A NPS rating at the end complements this.

There’s also a section for qualitative feedback which can help provide a richer picture of the service your customer has received, allowing you to pinpoint more precise areas for improvement.

Dear [NAME]

As the Customer Service Leader of [COMPANY], I would like to thank you for doing business with us. We know that the choices in the market are plentiful and we really appreciate the trust that you have placed in us in servicing your business.

In an effort to further improve our service, we would like to ask you for your feedback so that we are better able to meet your needs in the future. Thank you in advance for taking the time.

Sincerely, [LEADER NAME]


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