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Chatbot Success: How to Save Time, Money & Effort in Customer Interactions

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Chapter 1

Why Chatbots?

Before you invest in Chatbots, the most important thing to know before how much, is why.

Companies across industries find the potential of Chatbots attractive. CCW Digital’s Fall Executive Report reveals that 80% of organizations call artificial intelligence “important.” Sixty-one percent have plans to incorporate (or continue incorporating) AI into their customer experience.

It’s not just companies – studies show that the majority of customers already accept or even prefer Chatbots. New findings in the Aspect Consumer Experience Index show that 61% of consumers feel that having Chatbots in customer service is the way of the future. Seventy percent of millennials report positive experiences with Chatbots, and many prefer Chatbots for the convenience and immediate gratification.

Let’s remember that before they are glamorous, futuristic, game-changing service robots, Chatbots are one simple thing: automation systems. Chatbots help businesses efficiently accomplish tasks that would have otherwise required human labor. This is important because businesses are always looking to scale their service levels effectively without sacrificing quality. By automating simple tasks, Chatbots offer customers speeder support at a lower rate for companies.

Why Chatbots

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