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Straight answers to the 10 most important questions about getting started with chatbots

Know Before You Bot

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Chapter 1

What will my customers want to do with a bot?

When considering how to implement a chatbot, start by asking what your customers will expect from it. After all, they’re the ones asking your bot questions! If your project starts and finishes with listening to your customers and providing them with the help they need, wherever they are, in real-time, you will be more likely to deliver the best possible bot experience.

Bots can be built for sales, support, or marketing, and as such have very different purposes. To understand what your customers will want from a bot, study your chat transcripts, support emails, and/or call logs and apply the Pareto Principle: 80% of your customers are likely asking the same 20% of the questions. Your first step with the chatbot should be to automate these common questions to give your customers the fast responses they’re looking for. Don’t let your agents sweat the small stuff. When your bot takes over FAQs and repeatable processes, your agents have more time to focus on more complex queries and activities.

Sometimes the best approach is the most straightforward: once you’ve covered the basics above, go ahead and ask a sample set of customers what they would expect your bot to do for them.

Consider this

Identify opportunities for CX improvements by analyzing your current customer service interactions and build that into your chatbot. Ask your chatbot vendor how you can easily transfer those FAQs and repeatable processes into a bot. Make sure to also ask for case studies or examples. Review both success stories and chatbot fails to see what worked and what didn’t to incorporate best practices into your strategy

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