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Know Before You Bot

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Chapter 5

What platform should I deploy it on?

The goal of your bot will affect not only the type of bot you build but where you deploy it as well. Bots can live on your website, mobile app, knowledge base, different social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, or all of the above.

On one hand, deploying a chatbot on your website allows for a more personalized browsing experience and eliminates the risk of depending on third-party platforms you don’t fully control. On the other hand, bots on messaging platforms like Facebook and Twitter can better keep up with customers on apps they are familiar with and may frequent more often.

Depending on your industry and business objectives, you may want to consider deploying bots on multiple channels. For example, those in B2C eCommerce would benefit from having a bot on their website and on different social channels to help field questions like ‘how long will it take to ship to [location]’, ‘what’s my tracking number?’ or ‘what are your seasonal hours?’.

Other industries, like B2B technology, would benefit from having a knowledge base bot to guide users through more technical questions like ‘how do I set up [X report] in the analytics suite?’ or ‘where can I find API documentation?’.

Consider this

Know where your customers are, and which platforms different chatbot vendors support. Look at typical use cases for customers of theirs that resemble yours. For example, some vendors have knowledge base bots, while others don’t. Your ideal chatbot vendor offers bots on the platforms you want to reach your customers through.

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