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Chapter 11

What happens next?

When introducing any new technology to your customer experience strategy, there will likely be some bumps along the way. Once your chatbot has gone live, review its transcripts and continue editing it for accuracy and coherency; there will almost certainly be responses that need tweaking. These may be easily-answered questions that you forgot to include, answers that could be shortened, or ones that need more detail.

Give customers the option to rate how helpful the bot was to help you learn what is working and what isn’t. Go back and look at the answers that were low-confidence or unrecognized by the bot and make improvements for next time. The important thing to recognize is that going live isn’t the end, it’s just the end of the beginning – you’ll be continuously improving your chatbot as you go.

With time, your bot will only get smarter and more capable of assisting customers. By regularly going over your chatbot’s chat log and listening to customer feedback, you can make changes to your bot and gain experience that only comes with trial and error.

Remember to look forward! While chatbots are starting to go mainstream, the technology will continue to evolve. A sacrifice you may have made today will be a real possibility tomorrow, so dream big and test new capabilities often.

Consider this

Find out how much support the vendor offers after bot deployment. Set up cadence calls to review performance, and ask what their product roadmap for chatbot looks like for the future, what upgrades they’re planning, and how you can incorporate that into your bot.

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