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Straight answers to the 10 most important questions about getting started with chatbots

Know Before You Bot

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Chapter 10

How will I measure success?

If you’ve clearly aligned your chatbot to your business objectives, then you should be able to prove how your bot is contributing towards your goals. Many people in your organization will be watching your bot, perhaps questioning the value of the investment, and wondering what impact it will have on customer satisfaction. You can best demonstrate impact by measuring against business outcomes.

It’s important to know that it’s unrealistic for your human agents and your chatbot to be held to the same standard when it comes to key performance indicators (KPIs). For example, chatbots can – and should – respond instantly. Unlike humans, they don’t need to take the time to think or type out an answer, so their success shouldn’t be measured on time-based KPIs.

Select the KPIs you want to track according to your chatbot goals and adjust the bot accordingly. For example, if you have a support bot, track its customer satisfaction ratings to test its effectiveness and improve its responses. If you have a sales bot, measure its conversions and impact on shopping cart value.

Map your bot’s KPIs to the core business outcomes you identified in question 2. For example:

If your goal was to improve customer experience, consider measuring:

  • Post-chat ratings for bot
  • Changes to wait times and queue after bot launch
  • Changes to agent ratings (compared to percentage of chats involving bot)

If your goal was to offer 24/7 service, consider measuring:

  • Changes to volume of offline messages

If your goal was to improve sales, consider measuring:

  • Dollars or percentage of sales initiated or completed by bot
  • Number of conversions from bot

If your goal was to increase business efficiencies, consider measuring:

  • Percentage of chats involving your bot
  • Percentage of chats completed by your bot
  • Percentage of bot conversations transferred to agents

Consider this

When selecting a chatbot vendor, understand what kind of reporting and analytics they offer. Ask what their out-of-thebox reports look like, determine if they align with what you need to measure the success of your bot in relation to your business goals, and if not, ask the vendor if they can offer custom reports, personalized to your instance.

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