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The Comprehensive Guide to Surprise & Delight your Customers on Live Chat, Email, Social Media & SMS

Best Practices for Digital Omnichannel Customer Service

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Chapter 5

Stitching the channels together: Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Learning and mastering the best practices of each channel is a massive undertaking for your team. Balance that with the thought of providing support, and it may feel impossible to make any headway. How can you keep all of these distinct channels strong while keeping your agents efficient, effective, and informed across channels?

The solution is omnichannel customer engagement. Omnichannel is the foundational support platform that weaves each key digital channel together, seamlessly integrating them into a single console.

comm100 omnichannel platform

Comm100 agent console displaying each interconnected channel.

This means, for example, that a live chat transcript with a customer from three weeks ago is easily accessible to an agent providing email support to that same customer today. It means that agents can move between live chat, email, social media, and SMS support with little more than a click. It means that agents, team leads, and managers can collaborate in real- time. It means saying goodbye to operational silos.

Omnichannel support is what makes support on each distinct channel possible, because it works on a platform with shared tools and information. Omnichannel stitches together different avenues of support to create a cohesive CX whole.

comm100 omnichannel customer service

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