omnichannel customer service best practices


Best Practices for Digital Omnichannel Customer Service

The Comprehensive Guide to Surprise & Delight your Customers on Live Chat, Email, Social Media & SMS

Best Practices for Digital Omnichannel Customer Service

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As our daily lives migrate online more and more deeply, the brands we support are being called upon to adopt a digital-first approach to customer experience. Businesses realize that the customer journey is no longer starting—or ending— in brick-and-mortar stores. Instead, it is taking place across a string of digital platforms that customers are accessing instantly from home and on the go. Mobile apps and communication channels like live chat, social media messaging, and SMS allow customers to reach out to you whenever and wherever they want.

In response to these changing customer engagement dynamics, your company may already have more than one digital customer service channel in action. And you should: Research shows that today’s consumers use an average of almost six touchpoints, with nearly 50% regularly using more than four.

But implementing new and diverse touchpoints is only half the battle. In order to really maximize your return on investment (ROI), you need to know how to use each of them effectively. That means playing to the strengths of each channel and adopting the best communication practices and strategies for each one, empowering your team with the right tools to successfully incorporate them into your customer service routine.

This eBook will help you deliver customer service that is optimized for today’s top digital channels:

Live Chat


Social Media


These channels have been chosen based on their popularity, ease of implementation and use, and crucially, their capacity to aid a successful digital omnichannel strategy.

Why? Because it is only when these channels are brought together that you can provide cohesive and consistent support that works for you and your customers – and this is what digital omnichannel customer engagement delivers.

Gone are the days where each new channel was a separate and cumbersome add-on, operating in their individual siloes. With digital omnichannel, all channels share a central console through which every customer interaction is fielded, creating a flawless digital journey where customers and agents experience fluid conversations across channels, instead of in silos. Routing between channels, agents, and even departments becomes effortless, and new touchpoints are easier than ever to adopt.

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