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Best Practices for Digital Omnichannel Customer Service

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According to Matthew Dixon, author of The Effortless Experience: Conquering the New Battleground for Customer Loyalty, 84% of customers want a straightforward path to their solution.

One of the keys to keeping customer support consistent is to commit to the channel the customer reaches out on – every channel should be developed enough that customers can receive the entirety of their support through it, and an omnichannel support system exists to support, not detract, from that journey.

But there will always be times when channel-switching is necessary. As customer service expert Jeff Toister points out in his blog, “Good channel switching is seamless and natural. Bad channel switching just feels like the company doesn’t have its act together.” As Toister makes us realize, we encounter experiences of channel switching all the time through app-based services and more. It’s only when the channel switching is bad that we are generally aware of it. Consider this example of a seamless omnichannel experience:

Sarah uses an app to order lunch. She receives a text confirmation when the order is out for delivery. Then Sarah receives her pizza. She leaves a tip and rating on the app, and later receives a follow up email with a coupon.

While on the face of it this may seem like too many channels, this is probably a scenario many of us can relate to. When it’s happening it feels seamless – this is because a good cross-channel system is designed with the user’s experience in mind, not with existing touch points in mind.

The idea is not to complicate your support by too much channel switching, but rather, to take in mind what the customer would actually like and designing a system around that. You can achieve this by studying your customer’s experience to understand how they wish to engage with your channels and having a unified omnichannel console where agents can seamlessly switch between channels. It may seem overwhelming or impossible to do this – but it’s actually relatively easy with the right omnichannel support system in place.

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