50 Customer Service Training Activities for Live Chat and Telephone Teams

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Activity 48

Values in Action

This activity takes a little more preparation to be effective, but is brilliant for demonstrating what values look like in action. It works very well in large groups of ten or more.

Ask your team to come up with their top five values for delivering great customer service, and jot these down on a flipchart or whiteboard (or, if you have company values, you can use these.) They should come up with a number of different values, for example, honesty, respect, diversity, excellence, teamwork.

Split the team into groups and assign each group one of the values.

Their job is to take a photo which shows this value in action. Encourage them to be creative with this – they can leave the room to go to a different place, use props, or rope in anyone else who could help.

Once they have taken their photo, ask them to email it to you.

Send the team to break once you have all the photos, and put them into a quick presentation while they are on break.

Once the team have returned, run the presentation. Ask each group to talk through how:

  • How they came up with this idea
  • What the photo represents
  • How the photo sum up the value very well
  • How the photo might be missing other ideas about what the value looks like

Ask the other groups some questions:

  • What do they think of the picture?
  • Is this an accurate representation of what the value looks like to you?
  • What other photos might have represented this value?
  • How could this photo have been improved, with more time/further props?

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