50 Customer Service Training Activities for Live Chat and Telephone Teams

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Activity 47

Unique Perspectives

Use this to help a team to learn more about each other. This is also a great activity for discussing similarities and differences between team members and emphasizing the importance of diversity.

On a whiteboard or flip chart, draw intersecting circles – as many circles as there are team members. If you have more than five team members, try to split them up into smaller groups – between three and five is a good number. Make sure there is a section in the middle where all the circles intersect, as well as areas where the circles next to each other overlap.

Ask each team member to write one thing that is unique about them inside their circle. To make this harder, you can suggest they are not allowed to use physical attributes, such as hair color, height etc.

Then, ask each team member to talk to the person whose circle intersects theirs, to find one thing that they both have in common. Write these in the spaces where each of the two circles intersect.

Finally, for the area in the middle where all the circles intersect, ask the team to think of one thing they all have in common. (You can reject any work-related suggestions, if you choose, to encourage your team get really creative!)

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