50 Customer Service Training Activities for Live Chat and Telephone Teams

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Activity 26

Mission Possible

This activity is adapted from The Big Book of Customer Service Training Games.

Divide your team into smaller groups based off of different departments, or people who share similar duties or shifts.

Discuss the company mission statement as a whole, and then ask each group to create a collective mission statement for their team.

Have a spokesperson from each group present their mission statement after fifteen minutes.

Encourage the other groups to share their thoughts as the groups take turns to share their mission statements.

Once finished, pose some questions for discussion:

  • Which definitions do they like best, and why?
  • Are all the mission statements true, all of the time?
  • Why isn’t there one common definition?

Then, with the extra time, encourage individuals to create their own personal mission statement with the company, and suggest they keep it somewhere visible in their office or on a sticky note attached to their computer.

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