50 Customer Service Training Activities for Live Chat and Telephone Teams

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Activity 21

Four Square

This activity will help participants see the value in a comfortable working environment, as well as the importance of creating a good and comfortable environment for their customers.

Divide the room into four quadrants with the masking tape, and assign a number to each quadrant.

Explain to team members that within each quadrant they are expected to perform the assigned activity for 45 seconds:

  • Jumping on one foot repeatedly
  • Reciting the alphabet backwards
  • Singing nursery rhymes as loudly as possible
  • Relaxing

At first you will assign people to their first quadrant to keep the amount in each space even. Then after 20 seconds, shout: “Switch!” Participants are allowed to go to any other square they want, but they must switch, and they must visit each quadrant once.

By the fifth round, you will find that most people are in the fourth quadrant—by far the most comfortable!

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