50 Customer Service Training Activities for Live Chat and Telephone Teams

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Activity 20

Football Fun

This is a simple game to get your team energized and moving if they are starting to dip in energy.

Ask the team to stand in a circle, and explain you are going to play an imaginary game of football. They job is to pass the ball to other team members in different ways.

One way to give the ball to another person is to pass it. Demonstrate a simple passing motion using the side of your foot to move an imaginary ball.

Ask the group to take turns passing the ball while also saying who they’re passing it to – for example, they will need to shout out “Passing to Rob.” Once a team member has been passed the ball, they will need to pass it on in the same way. Let them try this for a bit to get used to it.

Now, explain that as well as passing, they can also kick the ball. Demonstrate a kicking motion and ask the group to move the ball between each other by either passing or kicking, whatever they choose. They will still need to say what they’re doing and who they’re sending the ball to, for example, “Kicking to Anna.”

Let them try this as well. At this point, they will probably be laughing as they will be mixing up the names of the actions and names of participants while they try to concentrate on the correct motion to make.

Introduce one final element by explaining that there is one extra way they can pass the ball – a header. Do a jump on the spot to mimic heading a ball and explain that this would be, for example, a “Header to Kevin.”

Explain that by this stage, the game is getting good and goals will probably be scored soon. Explain that the team will need to watch out for you celebrating a goal, which will be done by silently raising both hands over your head – at which point the team will need to stop what they’re doing, also raise their hands above their head, and shout “GOAL!” or cheer. Once the goal has been celebrated, they will need to carry on from where they were.

Tell the team to begin, using all of the elements you’ve discussed, and remember to raise your own hands every so often in a goal celebration!

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