50 Customer Service Training Activities for Live Chat and Telephone Teams

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Activity 19

Famous Communicators

Examining the communication styles of others often helps teams identify their communication strengths and weaknesses. This activity encourages your teams to think about what makes great communication and what lessons they can learn from famous communicators.

Ask your team collectively to agree on a famous person who is a great communicator. Once they have identified a person, search for that person on YouTube and play a short clip of video of them talking. Do the same for a person who is not a great communicator. The team should have fun thinking of a famous person who is the opposite of what they are aiming for!

Split the team into two groups and assign one of the communicators to each. Ask each group to write the name of one person at the top of the flipchart/whiteboard and to list the things that they do that make them a good or a bad communicator. (If you have time to fill, you could even ask them to draw a cartoon of that person and fill in ideas around it.)

Give both groups a few minutes to create a list of attributes. If needed, challenge them to drill down into the specifics of what comprised that great communication – for example, writing “They sound confident” is good, but “Their body language and tone is steady and confident” is even better in pinpointing exactly what it is they are doing in the course of communication which makes them sound confident.

Once done, ask each team to run through their points with the other team, and draw out any areas you find especially relevant or interesting.

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