50 Customer Service Training Activities for Live Chat and Telephone Teams

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Activity 16

Customer Service Superheroes

This is a fun activity to get your team members thinking about the attributes of great service that are really important to your organization.

Split your team into groups of three or more and ask each group to draw a picture of their customer service superhero on a flip chart or whiteboard. This superhero should embody everything that your customers want. It can be as fun, irreverent and artistic as they like. Ask them also to come up with a name for their superhero.

Once the groups are done, ask each team to introduce their superhero and explain the rationale for certain features.

As the groups describe their pictures, point out particular features you really like. You can either pick a winning team and give them a small prize, or congratulate everyone for their contribution. The finished pictures can be put up in your office to remind everyone what great service looks like!

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