50 Customer Service Training Activities for Live Chat and Telephone Teams

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Activity 11

Conversation Rewind

Hand each of your team members a piece of paper or an index card.

Ask them to write down a customer service word or phrase that they hate. It could be something that has been said to them in a customer interaction they have had personally, something they have heard in the past, or something they have heard from a friend or family member.

Once done, each team member should hand he cards back to you. Split the team into smaller groups (no larger than three or four), mix up the index cards and distribute an even number to each group.

Ask the groups to think about how the statement could be rephrased.

Give the groups ten minutes to have a conversation about each statement, then ask them to share their ideas. If needed, you can ask the writer of each statement to share a little of the context around each situation.

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