50 Customer Service Training Activities for Live Chat and Telephone Teams

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Activity 7

Candid Camera

This activity is adapted from The Big Book of Team Building Games.

This activity drives home the point that customer service representatives need to remember who they’re talking to at all times.

Ask each team member to state their name.

If you are running this activity online, have each team member share a picture of themselves in a group chat as they state their name.

If you are all well-acquainted with one another, have each team member create a customer persona, with a fake name and a picture of a celebrity.

Then hand out or email a test. Encourage team members to turn it in within two minutes—then share the answers. The key here is to test how quickly team members can learn names.

Additionally, this memory game created by the BBC is a great resource to send to your team members if they’re having trouble remembering names or faces.

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