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50 Customer Service Training Activities for Live Chat and Telephone Teams

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Activity 5

Better Together

The best teams collaborate to get results. This activity emphasizes the importance of collaboration in meeting team goals.

Print out the list of 30 objects for your team to look at (on the next page) or you can use the image as a slide to be projected. Feel free to replace any or all of the objects with items relevant to your workplace.

Give each team member a pen and paper. Explain that you will be showing them a list of 30 objects, which they will look at for 30 seconds only. Without writing down any of the words while they are looking at them, their job will be to remember as many of the objects as possible once the list has been taken away.

Give the team 30 seconds to remember the items on the list, then give them another minute or so to write down as many as they can remember. Once finished, ask them how many they remembered. Congratulate the person who remembered the most.

Next, ask the team to compare lists to come up with a master list of objects.

Finally, show the list of objects again to see how many the team got right. The amount they had remembered together will be a lot more than they had remembered individually!

During the debrief, be sure to recognize any instances that team members naturally bounced ideas off each other, during the first stage of the activity before they had been asked to collaborate.

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