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Chapter 3

3. Data and Methodology

a. Data Base of the Report

To enlarge our data base, and at the same time, qualify for the report, we gathered data from all our customers in both shared and dedicated platforms with the following limitations:

  • Only the paying customers were under consideration
  • Data discussed in the report was gathered over the course of an entire year of 2015, from January 1st, to December 31st
  • Each customer had at least 30 chats per month

This removes some factors that may influence the accuracy of the result, and excludes the testing and trial companies that don’t represent the actual use of live chat on website; thus the report is more accurate and reliable.

b. Outliers in the Chat to Visit Report

There are always “outliers” in a group; the chat to visit ratio is no different. Several companies, as listed in the list as below, received a phenomenal ratio of over 50%.

Due to the fact that their ratios would change the entire trends when calculated, these companies are not included in the Chat to Visit Ratio trend reports.

c. “Chat” in Chat to Visit Ratio

Due to the different SLAs, online time, operator availability and resources, different companies may vary greatly in terms of the missed and refused chats. In order to ascertain that our report is not influenced by these factors, “Chat” in our “Chat to Visit Ratio” was derived by adding up the total ACCEPTED, MISSED and REFUSED chats.

d. “Visit” in Chat to Visit Ratio

“Visit” in “Chat to Visit Ratio” is a metric directly taken from our system. It counted in all the visits to the pages implemented with the JavaScript code of Comm100 Live Chat. Any visits that happened on pages without this Javascript code were not calculated in the report.

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