The Key to 24/7 Support for Small Businesses

A Beginner’s Guide to Task Bots

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Chapter 5


It’s time for small businesses to get some attention.

Enterprise-level businesses may have more capital, but they also have more hurdles to overcome when onboarding new technologies. Businesses that are able to be nimble and adapt to developing technology will have an edge when it comes to both customer service and lead acquisition.

Thanks to Comm100 Task Bot, smaller businesses can raise their customer service game to the same level as the biggest of brands, and start engaging with more and more customers around the world. Your digital marketers can benefit from lead generation task bots. Your sales teams can book meetings with visitors that are most likely to convert. And your customers will benefit from quick, convenient support from their favorite businesses, whenever they need it.

It’s a win for customers and a win for businesses.

To take your customer service offering up to the level of even the biggest brands and offer 24/7 support, sign up for Comm100 Free today and help your customers, to help yourself.

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