The Key to 24/7 Support for Small Businesses

A Beginner’s Guide to Task Bots

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Chapter 1

Begin with the basics: What is Comm100 Task Bot?

Put simply, Comm100 Task Bot is a smart, fun, and interactive bot that resolves customer service & support questions. Sitting within the live chat window, Task Bots can:

    • Answers common questions
    • Direct visitors to helpful resources
    • Perform lead generation actions such as signups and bookings.

A Task Bot can function completely independently so a human agent is needed. This means that businesses can offer 24/7 support no matter their size, as well as reduce mundane and time-consuming customer service work for agents – all while improving customer satisfaction and driving engagement.

Task bots are friendly and conversational. They greet your customer the way an agent would, and use a series of buttons to guide visitors towards the correct action or answer. Visitors don’t need to waste time typing their query out — instead, they simply click the option that fits their needs to route them to the right answer, resource, or agent. Task bots always respond instantly too, giving faster answers than an agent can.

Here are some of the ways that Comm100 Task Bot can be used by small businesses:

    • Act as a virtual attendant for brick-and-mortar stores: Task bots can give location-specific assistance such as by identifying the nearest branches, or providing store or office hours.
    • Facilitate scheduling: Small businesses often rely on scheduling to provide their services or book demos for their products. Task bots can help customers book appointments, meetings and more.
    • Generate leads: Users can engage with a task bot to learn more about a product, sign up for a mailing list, or register for an event.
    • Follow up: Task bots can help customers follow up with shipment statuses, work orders, and more.
    • Connect to the right agent or resources: Task bots can trigger different routing scenarios depending on the buttons that customers select. This is great for small businesses, where certain team members may be better equipped to handle different topics (such as sales versus support).

Task bots use text, images, videos, links, and more to create a dynamic response to FAQs. With all of this possible from the live chat window, customers don’t ever have to switch platforms or to dig through your knowledge base for answers. It also makes Task bots engaging substitutes for standard webforms, allowing them to improve lead generation and conversion. Task bots can collect customer information such as their name, email address, company name, and more. They do this in a bite-sized way, asking one question and then following up with another. This mimics the personalized feeling of onboarding with a representative and reduces customers’ perceived effort. Any leads or bookings that a task bot collects are automatically stored in the platform, making task bots great for round-the-clock lead generation.

Task bots don’t and shouldn’t work in isolation, however. If at any time a customer wants to speak to a representative, they have the option to be transferred to a live person. If agents are offline, task bots can collect information needed for the agent to respond back to them during operating hours. Once the chat is passed on, the conversation history between the customer and the task bot goes with it, so the agent can avoid repetitive questioning and respond with much-needed context.

Task bots are easy to build using simple templates and can be launched in a matter of minutes. Comm100 Task Bot has pre-built templates for lead generation, meeting bookings, customer support, and FAQs (more on this in Chapter 3). Businesses can also build their own task bots from scratch using Comm100’s intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. No programming is required to set up task bots, and they are easy to implement either as a pre-chat assistant or as an automated offline customer service rep. Administrators can check interactions that are marked as unhelpful by customers and can build on the task bot to add more answers to FAQs, widgets, or other simple functionality.

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