A Beginner’s Guide to Task Bots

The Key to 24/7 Support for Small Businesses

A Beginner’s Guide to Task Bots

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Digital has become the new normal. Surrounded by technology, today’s consumers overridingly want to connect with their brands through digital channels – from video visits to the doctor to a seamless online shopping experience. They want to interact with the brands they trust digitally because it is through digital channels that they receive the most convenient and accessible experience.

And businesses are responding. Bank of America’s 2021 Small Business Owner Report found that 62% of small business owners have adopted new digital tools and strategies to optimize operations in response to the pandemic. 46% of small businesses are now interacting with customers virtually and 26% have enhanced their social media presence.

Still, establishing a strong digital presence for your company is only part of the battle. To really thrive, brands must create a customer service experience that meets the standards set by larger organizations. And this standard is fast, personalized, 24/7 support.

As consumers interact with these larger brands, often multiple times a day, they are getting accustomed to the quality of support that their customer service teams with huge pools of resources can offer. When they then interact with a smaller brand, their expectations don’t drop – they still want and expect to receive the same level of service.

For businesses with fewer resources, meeting this level of customer service and support may seem daunting, or even unattainable. With a limited team, even with agents dividing their time between different responsibilities, providing 24/7 support may seem unfeasible.

And yet, it’s completely attainable. With Comm100 Free Task Bot, businesses of any size and resource can match the quality, hours, and automation of even the most well-resourced customer service teams.

Comm100 Task Bot is your 24/7 customer attendant. Placed within a website’s live chat software, Task Bot provides immediate support whenever the customer needs it. By guiding the visitor through a series of questions and answers, it can provide answers to their frequently asked questions (FAQs), or help them complete simple actions like booking a meeting or registering for an event. This isn’t only great for the customer experience – it also brings about a transformative opportunity to gain more leads and engage with more customers.

As part of our free offering, Comm100 Task Bot doesn’t reduce your bottom line – it improves it. With a free bot by their side, any team can manage a growing support request volume without increasing operating hours, or even adding new hires.

Read on to discover how you can unlock Task Bot in your team to go above and beyond the customer service standard and increase engagement with 24/7 support. We will cover the following:

    • Chapter 1: Begin with the basics: What is Comm100 Task Bot?
    • Chapter 2: Customer engagement 2.0: Why is Comm100 Task Bot a game-changer for small businesses?
    • Chapter 3: Use for every occasion: Top 4 ways to employ Task Bot
    • Chapter 4: DIY: Step-by-step guide to build your own Task Bot.

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