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Our HIPAA compliance represents a strong commitment to security and privacy. We are proud to offer a HIPAA compliant live chat and customer service platform that allows you to deliver leading patient engagement while being confident about the security of your communications, no matter the channel.

HIPAA Compliant Chat - Trusted by Healthcare providers - Comm100

Trusted by healthcare providers around the world

You trust in us to keep your data safe, and we take that trust seriously. Whether you’re a small doctor’s office or a multi-location patient services provider, with HIPAA compliant live chat software and our expertise, you can deliver patient communications that help you stand out from the crowd.

HIPAA Compliant Chat - Industry-leading Encryption - Comm100

Industry-leading encryption

The vast majority of data breaches are due to stolen or lost data that was unencrypted. With HIPAA compliant messaging, we secure both data at rest and data in transit with best-practice encryption protocols, and don’t make you take responsibility for deleting unencrypted data from our systems like other vendors. It’s safe with us.

HIPAA Compliant Chat - Security-minded staff - Comm100

Security-minded staff

Our team are dedicated to security-conscious practices in everything they do. Rigorous, regular training on HIPAA compliant best practices is backed up by a security awareness program that provides tips and reminders throughout the year. Specialist staff also receive specialist training.

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