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During this update, you will still be able to chat using the agent console but other Comm100 functions will be unavailable. You may refer to below for a complete list of services which will be unavailable during this update:

Comm100 Chatbot
  • Chats routed to bot will instead be routed to agents
Agent Side
  • Cannot manually invite a visitor to chat
  • Cannot be reminded if agent password has been expired
  • Cannot change Settings from inside the Agent Console
  • Cannot use Agent Console Extension
  • Cannot check the visitor history
  • Cannot attach a chat to ticket
  • Cannot use Promote feature
  • History information such as Visits/Chats cannot be synchronized. Chats will be temporarily marked as 0 and Visits as 1.
  • Cannot use forgot password function
  • Cannot use secure form
  • Cannot use Ticket integration
  • Cannot use Social Media integration
  • Cannot use Knowledge Base integration
  • Cannot use Join.me integration
  • Cannot use Zendesk integration
  • Cannot use Salesforce integration
  • Cannot use RESTful API
  • Cannot use Ban feature
  • Cannot use Comm100 mobile app

Visitor Side

  • Cannot use Facebook login in the pre-chat window
  • Cannot download chat transcripts pdf if a chat starts before the release and ends during the release

Thank you for your patience while we work to improve our products.