• Live Chat for Non-Profit Organizations

    Improve NonProfit Marketing
    and Charity Customer Service

    Increase donations and supporters to reach your non-profit goals.

With Comm100 Live Chat, nonprofit organizations can extend their online reach and build dynamic communities of supporters.

Support Your Clients

Comm100 expands nonprofit marketing efforts by creating an additional point of contact for charities and other non-profit organizations. Live Chat enhances charity customer service by improving the communication between staff and clients in any location, ensuring that sharing of information and online resources, as well as problem-solving, can occur easily and effectively. The efficiency of staff is increased through the use of multiple chat windows operating at the same time.

Support Clients

Help Your Staff and Volunteers Succeed

Ensuring Comm100 Live Chat is accessible on your nonprofit website helps staff and volunteers improve their online outreach wherever they may be located. With our mobile application, they can interact with visitors at any time in any location.

Comm100 supports the development of trust between staff and clients, by optimizing online engagement through consistent canned messages. Supervisors have access to chats and reports, allowing them to provide constructive and prompt feedback to remote staff and volunteers, raising the service standards of your non-profit organization.

Help Staff and volunteers provide better charity customer service

Turn Your Visitors into Donors

Comm100 Live Chat can be a strategic fundraising tool to improve nonprofit marketing efforts with the ability to target potential donors who are browsing the website and personally address them in a non-intrusive way.

Agents can initiate chat requests either manually or automatically based on pre-defined rules. Once the live chat is proactively initiated, the agent has the opportunity to interact with visitors when they are the most engaged and encourage them to donate.

Improve nonprofit marketing efforts by turning visitors into donors

Win Supporters to Your Cause

Non-profit organizations can proactively engage visitors on their website to enhance their charity customer service, providing real-time information, build awareness, extend outreach to both distant and local visitors, and increase community participation.

Monitoring features help agents understand website visitors and what pages they are visiting so that they can initiate relevant conservations. They can direct visitors to the information they need, encourage them to become volunteers, donors, or assist in other ways that would best suit the visitor.

Win Supporters to Your Cause

Gain more support for your nonprofit organization with Comm100 Live Chat.