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    Increase Enrollment with
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    Increase Enrollment as well as build stronger relationships
    with students and faculty.

Effective communication is important to any school or post-secondary institute. Educational institutions need a reliable, easy to use and affordable communication and support platform to answer inquiries and questions from potential students and parents, or to help teachers communicate with their students. Live Chat for Universities & Colleges, provides a cost-effective, simple and efficient solution.

Streamline Recruitment & Admissions to Increase Enrollment

Most students and parents use the Internet to search for schools or potential colleges and universities. They often have many questions before choosing a school. Through Comm100, admissions officers are able to answer questions immediately and even assist with the registration process.

Increase Enrollment by Streamlining Admissions and Recruitment

Easy and Efficient Internal Communications

Internal communications is an area where Comm100 Live Chat can enhance the effectiveness of school operations.

Automatic Chat Distribution(ACD) and chat allocation features enable schools to create various faculty and staff departments and define custom routing rules. These features allow teachers to contact administrative or IT staff quickly, ensuring that teachers and staff remain available to help students when they need it.

Efficient, Easy-to-Use Internal Communications

Quick and Inexpensive Deployment

Using Comm100 Live Chat as a Software as a Service(SaaS) application enables schools to have live chat up and running in no time. SaaS installations of Comm100 Live Chat are inexpensive, reliable and scalable. Additionally, with a SaaS installation of Comm100 Live Chat, IT teams are generally not required because installation is quick, simple and does not require complex coding or programming skills.

Quick and Inexpensive Deployment

Reduce Communication and Support Costs

Comm100 Live Chat makes communication and support services more efficient than traditional phone or email support through agent multi-tasking. With our live chat solution, your agents are able to handle multiple chats concurrently and improve productivity with useful tools such as canned messages, shortcuts and other efficient features.

Reduce Communication and Support Costs

Discounts for Educators

At Comm100 we believe that educating the leaders of tomorrow should not cost a fortune. We back up our commitment by providing effective communication and support live chat software to not-for-profit educational institutions and schools a 50% discount.

Deep Discounts for Educators

Connect prospective students to your College or University with Comm100 Live Chat.