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“Comm100 compared to LivePerson is night & day – in terms of their reporting and overall platform. Comm100’s program is much better and has the ability to translate languages in real-time.”
Will Cunningham

Will Cunningham

Technical Support Manager, EMC Publishing

The business of education is all too real in the 21st century, with schools and universities finding that new areas of concern are becoming new strategic priorities – and customer experience is no exception to that.

Here at Comm100, we recognize the huge value to society that schools, universities and other non-profit educators give. And we’re here to help make your customer service operation effortless, helping you concentrate on educating.

Stay Connected with Staff & Students

With hundreds or thousands of students, finding a low-cost way to provide support to everyone who needs it can be tough. Call centers are often a costly drain on resources for budget-pressed schools and universities.

Live chat doesn’t contain any complicated infrastructure to maintain, and is simple to set up. You can reduce your customer support resource needs through handling multiple interactions at the same time, freeing up your staff and budget from the burden of complicated customer service support.

Stay Connected with Staff & Students

Make Giving Great Service Easy

Your institution handles hundreds of different types of queries – from academic and admissions inquiries, to questions about life as a student. Whatever the query type, your staff can rely on a library of personalized, pre-set messages to give the right response, every time.

It’s easy to train new staff on how to use your new live chat system. With our dedicated trainer on board to assist your transition, as well as a suite of ready-to-use training materials, you can rest assured that Comm100 will get your new staff up and running quickly and smoothly.

Make Giving Great Service Easy

Maintain Service Levels – Even During Enrollment!

With our real-time dashboard and report suite, it’s easy for you to see all the information you need to make accurate resource predictions ahead of your busiest times. This information ensures you can operate a reliable resource plan and maintain your service levels, even when your usual contact volume doubles or triples.

Don’t forget that the ability for staff to take multiple chats at once means that the number of customers who can be served at once can increase dramatically – helping you smooth out the peaks of your busiest periods.

Maintain Service Levels

Fussy Millennials? No Problem.

There’s been a lot of talk about the ways younger generations interact with companies and institutions. Studies have shown that 56 percent of millennials prefer using live chat, as opposed to the phone.

So it follows then that by using live chat as a customer support channel, you’re engaging one of your key demographics in a way that’s convenient to them – giving you a head start on ensuring that your responses to their issues are solved in a way that’s more than just satisfactory.

Fussy Millennials? No Problem.

Still Not Convinced?

Download the PDF to find more use cases and benefits of live chat in the education industry.

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