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Handling high call volumes, scheduling agent shifts and making sure chats or calls get routed to the correct department, are a few of the challenges that large call centers face. Integration between the chat and phone system is paramount to achieving success. Comm100 Live Chat call center solutions provide enterprise level clients with a large number of support sessions and integration with existing systems, to help overcome any challenges.

Easy Integration with Existing Systems

Comm100 integrates easily with major phone systems using the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). With LDAP, your agents log in to the live chat and phone system simultaneously using a single set of credentials. Comm100 integrates with the Avaya call distribution system and we are also working on developing integration with Cisco CTI which will be available soon.

Live Chat Integration with Your Existing Systems

Increase Efficiency While Minimizing Costs

Even the best phone support agents are essentially only able to help one customer at a time; which can translate into huge manpower needs for large support centers. With Comm100, Live Chat agents are able to multitask efficiently by handling multiple chats simultaneously; allowing fewer agents to handle more support requests. This results in lower support costs that ensuringe a better bottom line.

Increase Efficiency While Minimizing Costs

Reliable and Dependable Availability

No matter the size of your call center operation, Comm100 is scalable and can handle the workload. We offer multiple deployment options, such as SaaS, private servers and onsite installations to provide high performance and scalability for your live chat solution. Additionally, our MaximumOn technology provides guaranteed 100% uptime to ensure your live chat solution is always available.

Data Center Level Redundancy

Automatic Chat Distribution

Waiting to be transferred to the appropriate department or navigating the maze of ongoing menu options can be frustrating for customers. Automatic Chat Distribution (ACD) routes chat requests to the right agents directly, based on the rules you define.

Using sophisticated algorithms, ACD allows you to route chats based on support tiers/customer levels, geo-location, agent skill groups, or just about any other variable you can imagine.

Flexible Support Structure

Comprehensive Reporting

With Comm100, managers and admins have access to informative reports that track important metrics, such as agent efficiency and workload, customer satisfaction, or queues and waiting times. Our reports provide valuable information that makes the jobs of support managers easier and helps to increase agent productivity and morale. Additionally, 24/7 chat distribution reporting helps managers plan and schedule workloads in a more optimized manner.

Comprehensive Reporting

See for yourself how Comm100 Live Chat can improve your call center support.