comm100 chat to visit report

Chat to Visit Ratio Report: Help Forecast Your Potential Chat Volume

When you are considering implementing live chat on your website to enable real-time customer communication, you might come across questions like, “How much chat volume can we expect according to our website traffic?“, and “How many agents/operators do I need to have to server this number of chats?

This report covers 608,268,516 visits, resulting in 5,725,191 chats over a 12-month period of 2015. It was created to help you get a general idea about the chat to visit ratio and also some insights into the number of operators a company needs to support their chat volume.

This real-world report will help you:

  • Forecast your potential chat volume if you are starting out with the live chat implementation
  • Identify opportunities for improvements by comparing the report to your own metrics if you have already been using live chat for some time
  • Better plan the staffing of your sales or support team

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