Why online visitors do not show in the agent console window?

April 25th, 2018 | Troubleshooting FAQ


Logging into Agent Console, agents cannot see online visitors in the visitor list.


  1. The page visitors are visiting is not pasted with Comm100 Live Chat code.
  2. The pasted code has been changed therefore, it does not work properly.
  3. It is not All Visitors being selected in the Visitor Filter.

    • With All Chats selected, you can only see the visitors who are chatting or waiting for chat;
    • With My Chats selected, you can only see the visitors who are waiting for chat or chatting with you (not other agents).


  1. Paste your live chat code onto the web page.
  2. Remove the revised code from your website and copy the original code then paste it onto your website without any changes to it.
  3. Select All Visitors in the Visitor Filter dropdown list.

Note: Some website building tools do not support Java scripting. When you paste the live chat code with Javascript onto your website, the JS codes will be automatically changed by the web site builder. In this case, only the HTML code without Javascript is available for your web page.

For how to put the live chat code onto Joomla Sites, please click here.

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