Why do I get the error “Email or password is wrong” when trying to log into Comm100 Live Chat?

February 11th, 2018 | Troubleshooting FAQ


When trying to log into the Comm100 Control Panel, Agent Console Web/Desktop App, or mobile App, it shows an error reading “Email or password is wrong”.

Live Chat Login Error


  1. An incorrect email or password has been entered.
  2. You are signing into the Control Panel from an incorrect website address.
  3. You are trying to log into the Agent Console (Visitor Monitor) with an incorrect App.
  4. Your account no longer exists.


  1. Double check that you are using the correct email account and password.
  2. Please make sure you sign into your account from the right place:

    • If your live chat system is hosted on our cloud server, please click here to log in.

    • If your live chat system is hosted on our private server or your own server, please make sure you sign into the account using your specified private live chat domain. You will not be able to log into your account from our cloud server address.

  3. If you encounter this error when you are trying to log into the Agent Console (Visitor Monitor):

    • For Cloud Server clients, please click here to log into our Web Version agent console. If you are using the Desktop App, you can click here to download the App. For the mobile App, you can download the App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store respectively.

    • For Private Server clients, if you encounter the error when trying to log into the agent console, please check the following scenarios:

      • If you want to log into the Web Version agent console (visitor monitor), please make sure you use the dedicated server address we have customized for you. If your live chat is hosted at livechat.yourcompany.com, you need to log into the agent console at livechat.yourcompany.com/platform/livechat/agentconsole.aspx. If you are using old version, please log into the web version agent console at livechat.yourcompany.com/platform/livechat/agent-experience/visitor-monitoring/.

      • For Live Chat Desktop App users, please make sure you download the app from your own control panel (Installation > Desktop & Mobile Apps), and download the relevant app for Windows or macOS.

      • For Live Chat Android App users, please download this from the dedicated address that we configured for you. Apps downloaded from the Google Play Store will not work.

      • For Live Chat iOS App users, after you install the App from Apple’s App Store, configure the server address setting before logging into the app. Click Settings in your iOS system, locate the Comm100 app and click Dedicated server setup, enable Dedicated server mode, and input Server address. The server address might look like:
        https://livechat.yourcompany.com/chatserver or
        Please replace the server address with your own one.

  4. Your account will be purged by our system automatically due to long-time inactivity. You can start a new account with us, please contact our online support for further help.