What to choose to open the Insert URL from a Chatbot answer?

June 5th, 2018 | Chatbot Management

A Chatbot answer allows you to insert a clickable URL for your visitor to check more information on.

A URL may include further instruction steps, a downloadable link to some files or another page where your visitor can carry on with the self-service etc.

If you decide to insert a link to a pre-defined Chatbot answer, you can select where the inserted URL should be open. Available options are The Side Window, The current browser window, and A new window/tab.

Where To Open Inserted URL

The Side Window

The side window type allows you to open the new page in an extended window on the left, attached to the current Chat Window. It gives your customer a quick access to the website content after they click on a link in your chatbot response. Your Customer can view the new page without opening a new tab in your current browser.

Where To Open Inserted URL

The current browser window option

With this option, if your visitor click on the URL in a Chatbot answer, they will be staying at this current browser window and page are refreshed as per the URL. The chat however remains active, visitors can always click on the Back Button in the browser to continue the chat.

A new window/tab option

As the name implies the content of insert URL will be open in a new window or a tab, depending on which web browser is being used and how they have configured the browser.

The web page with ongoing chat will not be disturbed. Your visitor can still chat while checking the link provided by the chatbot in a new active window.

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