What are the requirements for the Chatbot Entities to be imported?

May 10th, 2018 | Chatbot Management

Entity represents the prediction for a word or phrase inside a visitor’s question or command that you want it extracted. The data can be a name, product name, date or any group of words. By comparison, the intent represents the prediction of the entire visitor input.

Comm100 provides some common Prebuilt Entities such as temperature, ordinal, email, and phone number. You can also Import your own Entities. On the Import Entities page, you can download and check the sample file before importing Entities.

import entities
The file includes field Entity Name, Keywords, and Synonyms.

Here are the detailed requirements for the file to be imported:

  • Supported File Format: XLS, XLSX and CSV
  • Max File Size: 1MB
  • Max Entities: 50
  • Synonyms: Multiple Synonyms are separated by comma. Synonym of a keyword will be recognized exactly the same as the keyword itself when chatbot processes a match.

Note: Importing Entities will OVERWRITE ALL your existing Entities, please proceed with caution.

import entities 2
Now get started in importing your chatbot’s Entities! Chat With Us if you need any further assistance.

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