10/09/2018 | Release Updates – Social Tagging and Social Routing Rules

October 9th, 2018 | Release & Updates

We have made some upgrades to our social media integration. These updates allow you to manage your customer’s queries more efficiently with our tagging and routing feature.

  1. Label your Social Conversations with Tags

    With our social media tagging feature, you can attach one or more customized keywords or phrases to your social media conversations. This makes it easier for you to group these conversations by inquiry type and retrieve them later. Please read more on how you can add Tags to social media conversations.

    Add Tags to Social Media Conversation
  2. Assign Social Media Queries Efficiently with Routing Rules

    With this feature, you set up condition-based rules to route your visitor’s social media queries to designated departments or agents. Your social customers will be automatically assigned to the right agent according to the routing rules, which makes your team more productive at handling all customer queries. Please read more on how you can create Routing Rules to assign social media queries to a specified agent or department.

    Enable Routing Rules for Social Media Conversation
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