Release Update – Agent Assist, Canned Messages, Knowledge Base

May 27th, 2019 | Release & Updates
    1.  Agent Assist is an AI-powered virtual assistant that helps your agents respond to customer queries more quickly and confidently than ever before. Agent Assist monitors inbound messages in real time and suggests the most relevant answers from your canned messages, AI chatbot intents and knowledge base articles to your agents, who can pass them along as-is or modify them before replying.
agent assist

To learn how to use this great new product read the How to use agent Assist Knowledge Base article.

    1. In the Canned Message section, we have added a new Similar Question field so that Agent Assist can improve its ability to suggest relevant answers. See below:
similar ques cm
    1. If you are using our Knowledge Base product we have also added a Similar Questions field in the Edit Article section. See below:
similar ques kb
    1. This release also includes a new feature for live chat which allows agents to prioritize their chats. When the total number of people in the chat queue reaches beyond the length of the agent console, a button will appear named “Accept Next Queued Chat”. Clicking this button will automatically accept the visitor who has been waiting the longest in the chat queue. Next to the button you can see the total number of visitors waiting in the queue. Clicking this number will reveal the remaining queued chats.
accept queued chat
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