12/07/2018 | Release Updates –Chatbot 3.0, Agent Single Sign-On (SSO), and RESTful API Version 2.0

December 26th, 2018 | Release & Updates
  1. Increased capability of our AI powered Chatbot

    With our latest release, our Natural Language Processing (NLP) powered Chatbot can handle more complex visitor questions and converse more naturally. This release has introduced multiple new features like Quick Replies and Buttons, varied responses for the same user input, Smart Triggers for better bot to human cooperation, and gathering needed information through Prompts. For more information on our upgraded chatbot, please read this blog post. To get started with our Comm100 Chatbot, you can read this article.

  2. Log into your Comm100 account with Agent Single Sign-On

    Comm100 Agent SSO allows your agents to have a single login across Comm100 and other applications. Once logged in, you can move swiftly between Comm100 and other applications without needing to log into separate accounts or remember multiple usernames and passwords. You can implement Agent SSO using SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) and JWT (JSON Web Token).

    Set up agent SSO
  3. RESTful API 2.0 extends the possibilities for data sharing

    For a more integrated experience with seamless data sharing between your own applications and Comm100 Live Chat, we have updated our RESTful API to allow for greater live chat Campaign configuration and more account related APIs. The new version API offers two authentication methods: API key Authentication and OAuth Authentication. Please read our API Help Guide to learn more.

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