01/19/2019 | Release Updates –Live Chat Notes, Import/Export Canned Messages, Wrap-up Comments, Sent & Seen and Email Transcript from History

January 17th, 2019 | Release & Updates

  1. Add Internal Notes to Live Chats
  2. We have added a Note Section in the Agent Console that allows agents to add internal comments to a chat which can be later seen from the History>Chats menu in the control panel.

    Live Chat Note

  3. Import/Export and Permission Control for Canned Messages
  4. With this release you can now import canned messages instead of having to add them one by one. You will also be able to export the canned messages if necessary. The supported file formats are .xls, .xlsx and .csv. Here is how you can Import and Export Canned Messages.

    Import & Export Canned Response

  5. Wrap-Up Comment Character Limit Increased to 4000
  6. With this update we have increased the number of characters supported in the wrap up Comment field to 4000.

  7. Sent & Seen:
  8. This new feature allows visitors and agents to see the status of the messages they send. When a message has been sent but not read, a blue dot on the left side of the message for the sending party. Once the message is read the blue dot will disappear. Click here to read more about how it works.

    For agents, this feature is automatically enabled, however, you will need to enable this feature for the visitors.

    The following two images show how the feature looks inside the agent console.

    Sent Not Seen
    Message Seen

  9. Send Transcripts to Multiple Emails from the History Menu
  10. With this update Chat Transcripts can be emailed from the Comm100 control panel to more than one email address, Email addresses must be separated by a Comma or a Semi-colon.

    Sent Transcript to Multiple Email
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