03/23/2019 | Release Updates – Comm100 Bot UX Improvements, NPS Survey and Date Picker

March 13th, 2019 | Release & Updates

This update brings to you a refined and improved interface for Comm100’s AI Chatbot and NPS to the Post Chat Survey.

Bot UX Improvements
  1. Entities are used to define objects within the chatbots sentence structure and are used to improve the bot’s ability to understand a visitor’s question and identify pieces of information the bot needs to gather from a visitor. You can now create new Entities in the Intents menu, which prevents the user from having to switch between separate menus while crafting bot responses.
  2. Dynamic info can now be added to Bot answers. The Dynamic info includes visitor’s Name, IP, Country, State, City and any data you gather via Custom Variables.
  3. Quick Replies is no longer a separate menu. It has been incorporated into the Intents menu. You can Choose, Create and Manage Quick Replies from Intents menu. This makes it easier to visualize the paths users will take through the bot and save time while bot building.
  4. Newly created Bot will now include a basic Small Talk package that will immediately be available for use. This saves the time and trouble of programming everyday small talk questions and answers.
Net Promoter Score (NPS)

NPS measures customer experience and predicts business growth. It can be used to collect Visitors feedback and evaluate service performance. This upgrade brings to you the ability to use NPS in the Post-Chat Window. We also added a new reporting feature specifically for NPS. Learn more about NPS and how to set it up here.

Date Picker

In the PCI form, we have added a new Date Picket option. Add a new field and Choose Date Picker from the Type. With the help of this feature, visitors can now select Date info in the PCI form. 

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