08/25/2018 | Release Updates – MaximumOn™ for Paid Live Chat Clients (On the Cloud Platform)

December 26th, 2018 | Release & Updates

Comm100 Live Chat MaximumOn™ is a patent-pending technology that provides data center level redundancy for Comm100’s live chat solution to achieve unprecedented service availability.

With MaximumOn™ technology, Comm100 software is hosted across two separate centers. When deployment in one data center fails, the other data center will automatically take over. Neither you nor your website visitors will notice the switch, and on-going chats will remain intact.

With this release, we are bringing this technology to all paid clients on our cloud server, meaning more customers will benefit from the highest possible service availability even during planned downtime and regular system maintenance.

For more information, read our Introduction to Comm100 Live Chat MaximumOn Technology whitepaper.

Maximunon Release Note.png
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