How to add Comm100 Live Chat onto Blogspot/Blogger?

You can embed Comm100 live chat solution in your Blogsport blog, which helps you interact with your blog visitors in real time.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Log into your Blogspot account and click Layout tab.
    layout Tab in Blogspot
  2. Click Add a Gadget on the position where you want to add the chat.
    Add a Gadget in Blogspot
  3. In the Add a Gadget window, scroll down the page and find the HTML/JavaScript gadget. Click on the “+” icon to add it.
    HTML/JS Gadget in Blogspot
  4. Log into your Comm100 account and get your live chat code.
  5. On the new HTML/JavaScript gadget window, enter a title for the gadget, then paste the live chat code into the Content area, as seen in the following figure:
    Paste Live Chat Code into Blogspot

    Note: A good title will alert your readers that this is the online chat support on your site.

  6. Click Save. The gadget should now be visible in your blog’s layout.

Now, you’ve just embedded Comm100 Live Chat to your Blogger or Blogspot blog! You can now use the Blogger Layout tab to drag the live help widget wherever you want in your blog’s layout.

Chat Button Show on Blogspot Site